How to Install Tiles as Your Kitchen Flooring

Laying tiles can seem like a complicated task and best left only to professionals. However it is possible to DIY tile installation as long as you understand the basics, have the right equipment and follow the right instructions. Here is some advice on how to install tiles as your kitchen flooring.

Before You Begin

Ensure you have the right equipment and tools including a trowel, tile saw, bucket, tape measure, facemask, level and grout float. You must also have all the correct materials including grout, thinset mortar, screws, backer boards and some high quality floor tiles such as instone tiles.

Mix and Apply the Thinset

Begin by mixing enough thinset to cover the floor evenly. Make sure to wear a mask when mixing and using the thinset. The consistency should be like a thick batter as you smoothly spread it on to the floor with a trowel. Start by covering enough of the floor to lay one backer board and work across the floor in sections.

Lay the Backer Board

Slowly set the backer board down on to the wet thinset and when it is in the right position, screw it in to the flooring. Complete the floor in sections until the whole area is covered with backer boards.

Install the Tiles

Lay the tiles down over the boards in a pattern of your choice to work out how they will fit and if any will need cutting. Then smooth thinset over the back of each tile and place in the right position. Finish by grouting in between and cleaning any extra thinset.

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