Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Having a wedding in the great outdoors seems romantic and adventurous, especially when we see it in the Hollywood movies. However it can be more difficult to organise in the UK due to the difficult laws of marrying at any location, and to the unpredictable weather. In Scotland, it is possible to have a legal marriage ceremony almost anywhere outdoors with some planning. In the rest of the UK, it is only possible to have a legal ceremony in a venue with a licence.

The best option is to hire a venue that has some stunning outdoor space and also has a license for the ceremony. This also provides a back up option should the heavens open and the weather is not good enough to enjoy the outdoors, as the venue will most likely have an indoor space. You can choose between a wedding venue Sussex overlooking the South Downs National Park, a venue in Wales in an open air castle or a setting in Devon on the beach. There are also hotels and manors that have courtyards, gardens, and lakes available. There are a huge number of outdoor wedding options across the UK to choose from.

An outdoor wedding is not to everyone’s tastes, but for those who want a summer wedding surrounded by nature and in the fresh air, it is a nice option. Like any type of wedding, it will require a lot of planning to make sure it is set up and runs smoothly, but in the end it will be worth it.


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