Tips for Getting Started In Property Investment

Property is widely regarded as a safe, long-term investment and is a preferable choice for safe keeping money. For many, buying property as an investment is a better option as it is tangible and even offers returns if it is let out. Some investors will renovate their property so they can rent it out for more, whereas others may leave it how it is and rent it out. Either way, whilst investors can make a lot of money by purchasing properties, here are some important tips for getting started in property investment.

  • Have a clear budget – Before making a large investment, it is vital to understand your cash flow and come up with a clear budget. If you are borrowing money for the project, get a pre-approval of your loan so you know your budget and can begin looking for properties within this price frame.
  • Estimate extra costs – Ensure you have a clear idea of any other costs, and do not underestimate these so you are sure you can afford it. Think about estate agents fees, insurance, and general repairs. Even if you are not renovating the property, it is important to repair any areas that need attention to prevent costly maintenance issues in the future.
  • Choose a location with potential – Choose a property in a area where the demand for rental accommodation is high and where the property market is strong, such as Chichester. Properties with 2 or 3 bedrooms and large kitchens Chichester are popular among renters in this trendy town.


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